Welcome to Neurodiversenby

My name is Red. I am a nonbinary autistic adult who also has ADHD and a number of co-morbid chronic illnesses including hEDS, POTS and the Fragile X Premutation.

I write particularly on personal experiences with chronic illness and disability in my other blog, Down With the Sickness. While I will keep writing there, I wanted to start a new blog particularly for my advocacy work related to neurodiversity and gender, where DWTS focuses more on disability and chronic illness.

Some of what is posted here will be intended as educational resources for trans and gender-variant folks and/or autistic, ADHD and other neurodiverse adults to share to educate cishetero and/or neurotypical people around them, including but not limited to parents of neurodiverse or trans/gender-variant children. Frankly, I have ended up writing broadly the same things so often to educate people in that I started saving them to my GDocs! Then I thought I should perhaps put them out there for others to access and use as they see fit.

I am white, so while I will reference things related to racism here sometimes, mostly it will be about amplifying the voices of BIPOC activists, particularly trans and neurodiverse BIPOC people in general.

If you find my work helpful and would like to compensate me for my labour and ongoing advocacy work, you could buy me a coffee here. Thanks!

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